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With years of experience, Our local experts can turn your vision into reality, whether you run a family diner, upscale restaurant, fast-food chain, eco-cafe, chic bar, or distillery with a cellar door. We focus on functionality, style, and creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Whether you’re starting a new venture or renovating, contact us to transform your space to meet your business needs.

What To Consider

When undertaking a hospitality fit-out, it's essential to focus on various critical aspects.

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Define Your Concept and Target Market

Clarify your restaurant’s concept and target audience through industry research.
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Create a Detailed Budget

Develop a precise budget to avoid overspending and allocate resources effectively.
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Plan Your Layout Carefully

Design and build your restaurant’s layout for optimal traffic flow, kitchen efficiency, and customer comfort. Ensure that kitchen equipment is strategically placed to streamline operations and enhance productivity.

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Why M8 Fit Out?


Expert in Hospitality Fit-Outs

M8 FITOUT possesses in-depth knowledge and expertise in crafting spaces specifically tailored to the unique needs and challenges of restaurants, bars, and other hospitality establishments, specialising in both restaurant fit-outs and hotel fit-outs.


Aesthetic Excellence

M8 FITOUT’s meticulous attention to detail, including the selection of high-quality kitchen equipment, translates into beautifully interior-designed hospitality spaces that not only meet functional requirements but also create a visually appealing and welcoming atmosphere.


Diverse Hospitality Portfolio

M8 FITOUT’s track record spans a wide range of projects, including the meticulous design of floor plans, from family diners to upscale restaurants, showcasing their ability to manage each project from start to finish, making them a reliable choice for versatile and effective hospitality fit-outs.

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