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Enhance Your Space with an Eye-Catching, Smartly Designed Fitout

Hairdressers, barbers, nail technicians, and beauty salons are sanctuaries for revitalisation and confidence-building. Elevate this experience with a remarkable, functional fit-out transformation.

At M8 FITOUT, we extend our expertise beyond beauty salons and barbers to encompass medical fit-outs and dental fit-outs throughout Auckland. We collaborate within your budget, ensuring your space is both creatively designed and intelligently functional. By enhancing your work environment, we empower your staff to provide exceptional service to your valued clients.

What To Consider

When undertaking a beauty & wellness fit-out, it's essential to focus on various critical aspects.

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Ensure the layout supports efficient workflow for both staff and clients, including workstations, storage, and waiting areas.

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Create a welcoming and visually appealing environment that aligns with your brand and makes clients feel comfortable and pampered.

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Comfort and Ergonomics

Choose comfortable and ergonomic furniture for staff and clients, promoting a relaxing experience during treatments.

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Why M8 Fit Out?


Specialized Expertise

Our specialised expertise also encompasses medical centre fit-outs, ensuring the construction of modern beauty spaces tailored to your requirements, aligning aesthetics with your brand vision, & optimising infrastructure for an unobtrusive, pleasing interior design.


Efficiency and Quality

At M8 FITOUT, we optimise fit-out projects for efficiency. Our in-house design team quickly refines designs, we work with local suppliers for shorter material lead times, and we prefabricate off-site for time savings.


Bespoke fitouts

With an in-depth understanding of your space, we craft tailored solutions that not only meet your daily operational needs but also enhance the overall aesthetics and ambience of your environment.

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